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Sunday, March 15, 2009

11 Days...

Sunday was NOT a day of rest for Kim and I.

I guess we're feeling the crunch of needing to get some things completed and that includes wish list items as well. One of the items on our wish list was a better storage system for our laundry room. Wait....check that, I should really call it a laundry closet. We've never had a good laundry room. Our house in Cartersville had the best potential but even it was too small considering what we want in one. Since the week that we have moved to Briardale Court, we have shuffled a little laundry basket that sat on the dryer......the whole time. There was one rack installed above the dryer that was too small and we bought a wire rack to sit in between the washer and dryer that ideally would work but everything falls down when you sit stuff on this rack. Our little set up stunk.

So, I fixed that today.

What a mess.....

Ahhhhh organzation......

Those shelves are in what was the laundry chute...Of all things...this house had a laundry chute. It isn't all that convenient, so we're making use of it now.

Alright then...since we did that, Kim's back is killing her and she's not feeling all that hot. I tried very hard to prevent her from doing anything but she insisted on setting up the finished product and I was cool with that. We didn't have to prepare dinner because the Higgins family was nice enough to host a meal for us tonight. We had a nice meal and Addison sang Winkle Winkle Little Star for us.....such a cutie.

Michelle, in her incessant generosity, gave Kim some opening day pointers and loaned some more essentials to get us rolling to a good start. Both Scott and Michelle have been so supportive during the pregnancy and just in general...they are really great friends for life. Every one needs a couple of those....

Time to chill out and rest now. Kim is home office based on Monday so she'll get tons of work done and I'll have nothing to report because she'll glue her rear to the office chair all day. Almost single digits!!!!!!! Oh my Lord. Reese will be here in no time!

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