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Sunday, March 15, 2009

12 Days

Saturday was a rainy nasty day so we stayed pretty close to the homestead. I started working on a new shelving system for the laundry "closet" and Kimmy went through the remaining bags of gifts in the dining room.

Her feet are a little better today and she felt a whole lot better than she did Friday night. She was under the weather and didn't eat any dinner so she woke up Saturday morning ready to eat a horse.

Baxter nearly met his maker today as I was HIGHLY frustrated with him regarding his incessant appetite. I'll spare the details that led up to this but I caught him trying his best to escape the confines of our backyard in order to get some cracker crumbs that I had thrown over the fence. I said bad words......a few of rapid succession.

Later in the day we went to Lance and Celeste's place for a steak dinner and ended up playing a little Rock Band. I believe Reese likes it because she moved all night while the music was playing. Day 12 was uneventful (save for Baxter) so we'll roll into Sunday expecting the same.

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