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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fred Flintstone feet....

It's Kim's description.....not mine.
You might be stewing in some amount of solace for Kim because I've posted this but she ok'd the post and stood still for the pictures. These aren't even that bad. The other day her poor feet looked huge and were aching from the swelling. Ugh.....

So this week was a bit of a rough one. I was indeed sick as noted last Sunday and stayed home from work on Monday - pretty rare for me. I traveled Tuesday - Thursday (still partially sick) and then we took our "Joy of Parenthood" class Thursday night. (more on that in a minute)

Kim manned the house while I was gone and took care of little Baxter. This was a bit of a task for her because you have to pick up his sorry carcass every night and CARRY him down to the garage where he sleeps. For whatever reason he refuses to follow us into the garage so we carry him...which means bending over, picking up dead weight, and toting him down the stairs. Kim can't bend well, Bax is just a beagle but he's heavy when he melts and doesn't want to be picked up, and Kim is already leery on the steps with baby belly....much less with his laziness, Bax.

Busy days at work but finally reunited Thursday and we're off to the class to learn to hold, wash, change, feed, and maintain our baby girl. They give you a life-like baby doll to hold all through class to drive home the point of your new responsibility. So when break time rolls around, Kim goes to potty and I'm holding her doll and the halls of a hospital...the dolls are life-like.
One lady just peered at me because one of the dolls was sort of mushed up against me all funny looking. She probably thought I was an unfit father. Another older lady was just so happy for us until she realized what was going on....what do you do....bust her bubble before she says anything or maybe she's had the class and she's about to heckle you. You never know. In the end, the class was informative and helped prep us for pampering our little Reese.

Kim had a pretty full Friday at work and came home with the ULTIMATE Flintstone look so we crashed out here and have washed and prepped the house for Reese's arrival all weekend. One thing that we did this weekend was get Daddy a new toy. I've been able to save some pennies for was our new camera.......

I've researched the heck out of this and I'm really pumped up about finally having a DSLR now. Awesome pics O'plenty will follow so stay tuned! I need to learn more about how to use it but either way....I'm really jacked about having it.

Finally, please keep praying for Kim and Reese. I tell you there are so many families that need prayers of support because they've lost a job, or gotten a bad medical report, some families are falling apart at the seams facing much to cover in a many needs to be met. We were alerted to a blog about a young family about to have another child and then suddenly mid-February the husband feels sick and goes to the doctor....that same man died last week due to non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. So many people you'll never know, but some how they shape your mindset if only a little. Please pray for a safe and easy delivery for Kim and Reese and just pray that our little miracle arrives strong and healthy with all systems on go! Oh...and with Kim's eyes. Thank you all for reading and praying.....we really appreciate and love you all.

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