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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Countdown is on...

According to the pros.....Reese has 15 days left in the safety of Kim's womb. Is that amazing or what? We are so excited to meet her face to face and just hope that everything continues to be ok.

Reese is still wriggling around every evening and has been moving more and more during the day so she must be pretty content in there. I don't know that we can peg a personality on her because of these movements but I guess you could say she's pretty laid back and seems to like it when Kim eats.

These last few weeks have been tougher for Kim but she isn't complaining about anything. Her feet are swelling pretty badly but that's about it. No back aches or hip pains to speak of....or at least that she's mentioning.

Last thing for today is the site meter....we're right on top of 5000 visitors since we started the blog! It's pretty neat that our family and friends are keeping up with us as much as they are and that perfect strangers are too. We're very blessed and lucky to have such a good support group. Thank you all.

I'm thinking of a countdown update so we may start posting daily up to and through Reese's delivery. Not every day will be huge update days but we just want to remember these crazy days later in life and sort of slow things down on paper (or blog paper). Stay tuned.

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