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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two days and a Dr. appointment

So we only have two days left now....

Before we get into the doctors visit for today I wanted to just talk about what this whole process means to us. Kim and I have known one another for more than 17 years and just like any other couple out there...we've waded through the depths together and we've held each other up for the peaks. We've truly been through a lifetime of experiences in just 17 years of 'Kim and Adam'.

Kim's Gram used to watch a lady named Mary that had a horrible case of Alzheimer's Disease and couldn't remember the last five minutes much less five days ago but Mary was the neatest personality. When Grams would visit with the family, Mary would sit there and talk to you about just whatever you wanted to discuss....One day we were playing the "repeating" game and I'll never forget this as long as I live....we would say KIM AND ADAM!!! and she would repeat it EQUALLY as loud and might even change the pitch. So we started....KIM AND ADAM!!!!!! in a high pitch squeal....Mary would yell back KIM AND AAADDDDUUUMMM in the lowest voice she could muster. We did this for probably 15 minutes. She never got tired of it and it was the funniest thing...I guess you had to be there...but the point is that it won't be just 'Kim and Adam' anymore.

Reese Avery Hall....I've lived for 34 years and never said or thought about this name. In fact I've only seen the name twice in my life. Reese Bernard, my 8th grade science teacher (an old man) and Reese Witherspoon (a young actress). Yet in the few short months since we've been led to her name, Reese Avery has very quickly become the most important name in the world to Kim and I. We love her immensley and yet we've never met her. I've felt her move but I've yet to touch her. I've heard her heart and have a half hearted sonogram of her but I have never laid eyes on this beautiful baby girl. Reese is already a part of our lives, she is a part of our family, a part of our group.

I have loved being 'Kim and Adam' for 17 years, but in a few short days I'll gladly give up that title in place of 'Mommy and Daddy'. I wish Mary were still around to yell that back to me.

Ok....on to the doctor visit....Kim has dilated 1cm as of this afternoon and the nurse told us that Reese's is head down and locked in the correct position. I assume this means that her head is now between Kim's pelvis bones and little girl is ready to roll. Kim is 70% effaced (I guess that's the word) and again, I can only assume that this is a good thing. We made an appointment for Monday just in case but I'm hopeful that we won't need to keep that appointment.

So...Pray, Pray, Pray that everything goes well over these next few days. We know that this whole process is very common but its very extraordinary for us. We appreciate all of the kind words and prayers and look forward to introducing our daughter to you all!


Caroline said...

Good Luck!! and I love the pictures! Tell Kim I said hello and am keeping your guys in my prayers :-)

jill said...

i just started following your blog and keep checking in all during the day to see if reese has made her entrance! praying for a smooth delivery for the whole family. congrats!!!!!

doubletrouble said...

Glad to hear the progress. I can't believe little Reese will be here soon! Best of luck with everything! Again, can't wait to see pics!

Anonymous said...

As your mother I am so excited for you and Adam !! You,Lance and my extened family have brought me so much joy to my life. Yes, there are times of stress and worry, but that is what this life's journey is all about.Learning to deal with any situation that comes up and doing the best you can to slove the problem.Enjoy Ms.Reese through out her life because believe me it goes by oh soooo quickly..
Love to you both..See you soon Reese !!!
Love Nana