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Monday, March 16, 2009

T-Minus 10 Days and counting.

Kim had a Doctor appointment today. Everything seems to be a-ok as the Dr. checked Kim's cervix for any dilation.....I think that's what the Doc did.....and there wasn't an opening. I'm so unaccustomed to talking doctor talk so that may sound horribly wrong. I think Kim said that she was behind Reese's head checking things.

Um, excuse me? I'm sure Reese was like WHAT THE??!! GET OFF ME WOMAN!!!! Or she may have just sleeped through it. Either way, Papa Bear is pretty troubled by that but oh well. Just be easy with my girls.

We're ready for anything. Any ol' day Reesey-Pie will be showing that pretty little face of hers so we'll wait on her.

All prayers are welcome in the meantime!!

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Kristie said...

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