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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Before, During, and After....

I should know better than to promise pics or posts because something always happens that muddies the best of intentions. This time the culprit turned out to be a myriad of things. Snow, cold air, wet uckiness, swollen ankles, and the sweet hints of a cold or flu brewing in Papa Bear (me).

Reese's nursery isn't done but all she requires is some accessorizing. Hang a little something here, decorate a little something there....Nothing major. But I just didn't get to it today. Aches and pains starting in my legs is always the clear precursor that a cold is on its way and this constant hack that I've had of late that is symptomatic of smoking for 20 years. Oh goodie...I'm traveling tomorrow too. Yeah! Being sick on the road is so awesome.

Anyway to the much awaited pics.
Before...Just a plain 'ol room.
The closet was in rough shape. It had one hanging rod and there was an empty nothing space on the right side that was sort of wasted because the floor slanted above the stairs.

So I put up some crown and chair rail.

And I primed and painted...

Add some new carpet and baby furniture and.....
The closet looks ALOT better.

We just need to hang a few things and order her letters.

Once all of her decorations are up and we get a chair in the room...That will do it.

We like how it turned out even if it was a super long process to get to this point. Hopefully, Reese will love it too.

And finally, continue to keep Reese and Kim in your daily prayers. I read a couple blogs this weekend and there are so many babies that have made it to delivery and something ends up being wrong. One little one has a severe skin issue, another has a chromosomal defect, another baby is staring down a heart transplant because a valve ruptured one week after birth, many babies have lung issues and heart issues and I'm pretty much done reading other blogs until she gets here.....It is just so sobering that new parents just like Kim and I are going through weeks in the NICU and possibly years of surgery and developmental issues with their new little babies. All we want is a safe and healthy Mom and baby. Just in your passing moments worrying about your own issues....job, money, bills, kids, school, health, sickness.....ask God to protect my girls in the coming days and weeks. Thank you....


Lindsey said...

The nursery looks great! I love the furniture and colors that you chose! She will be here very soon!

doubletrouble said...

Reese's room is adorable! Hope you all are doing well and Kim is feeling good...I know she must be exhausted and so ready. i can't wait to see pics of her arrival! Best wishes!