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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reese and Daddy's Trike

More of a want versus a need for us...mainly me....was a semi-cool and functional stroller for Reese. We've got the mack-daddy all in one Ginsu stroller picked out for everyday use but we wanted something that would be easy to walk with or super maneuverable or....just cooler than the Ginsu stroller. The Ginsu (Chicco stroller) sort of feels like a mini-van versus a sports car.

Meet the sports car turned stroller....the B.O.B. Functionality, ease of use, joggable (because we jog so much) and a cool factor of about 15 on a scale of 10. This thing weaves through the house like a hot knife through butter. I test drive it every morning just to make sure that it still handles like its on rails. I love it. I don't know that Kim is as up in arms about it as I am but I'm pretty stinking happy about it. It has brakes and a tether so the mom or dad that runs with their kid in this thing don't have to worry about it getting away from them. (That'll so be us.) My parents got the B.O.B. for us this weekend and I put it together the other night and I'll have to say...It's pretty sweet. I think Reese is going to love being strolled around in her little hot rod and I think Dad isn't going to worry about what she's in...the Ginsu or the Sportstroller, I'm just ready for her to get here.

True to her mother...Reese is getting a little 'tude in the tummy. Kim was pressing on her stomach yesterday and Reese would push back almost in defiance like "get off me!". It seems like she knows when I want her to move because I can put my hand on Kim's stomach and she'll just stop. No matter how soft I am or how light I touch her....Reese puts the karate class on hold. But last night, I pressed and she basically let me know I was in her bubble. It was the coolest thing that she's done for me. The movements are getting larger and more pronounced on Kim's stomach so our little bundle of baby is starting to spread out in there.

As an update...It appears that things are getting better daily for the Stamps family (Kelly's Korner) and the power of prayer is being revealed in this family's life. Please continue to think of them and as always, keep Reese and Kim in your thoughts as the due date is approaching! Just about two months from this week we should have our "plus one" here!

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