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Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday summary on Monday

Normally I would be at work right now but today is a holiday at my office so Baxter and I are kicking back and taking it easy today while Mom goes out and earns the bacon. (I could get used to long as its on my terms and not because work told me I have nothing to do now.) Anyway, as I mentioned in the post last night Kim and I had a busy weekend that was capped off with a Baby shower for Kim and Reese.

Keith and Don came up from Florida to help the cause and then Lance and I piled in on Saturday morning to hang a little sheetrock.....just to prove that we didn't goof off all weekend here is a little glimpse of our handiwork.

Fun times at 4 degrees and with a Father in-law that has private summers the whole time. I didn't have to suffer through a night at the lake like Don and Keith did. It was probably colder inside the house than it was outside and Chuck was likely sweating bullets. Lance and I didn't partake for the whole thing but this is a pretty big change from what it looked like the other day. This is just one room but you get the idea. I'm glad hanging sheetrock isn't my day job....I'll bet everyone else is thinking that as well.

Sheetrock took up Saturday and 1/2 of Sunday for me...Kim and Celeste shopped around for carpet Saturday and let me veer off subject for a second to gripe about carpet salesmen. I'm thinking that with new construction down, people pinching every penny and holding off on things, and then the fact that we're coming in looking to spend money with these'd think salesmen would be all over us and wanting every sale they can get.....SO not the case. I'm telling you, I could have sold 5 houses of carpet by now just from calling folks back and answering emails. These jokers wouldn't last a week at Yamaha. They just don't seem to want our money. Problem is....we sort of have to give it to someone soon because Reese is on the move and our backs are up against a schedule.....oh well.

SUNDAY was our first Baby shower put on by my Aunt Judith, my mom, and Melissa Boyd for City Hall and my family. My aunt and mother in-law have worked at the Calhoun City Hall basically all of our lives and they have all known Kim and I well before we were an item. We had an awesome turn out and this first dose of generosity was overwhelming. We're certainly not picking favorite gifts by posting pics and I'm almost hesitant to post individual gifts so please know that if your gift isn't by no means signifies that Kim and I don't appreciate it. We are very grateful for everything that we received including the gift cards, cash, and other items that we're obviously not posting. So....after that gift/pic disclaimer here are some of the pics of the gifts (I don't have pics of the actual shower since Kimmy was busy opening goodies but once other pics are shared...I'll pull the best and post as well)

Her first monogramed anything

Reese's first teddy bear courtesy of her biggest fan...Robbie.

The coolest wearable blanket.

This is just a glimpse of everything that we were given yesterday and we have another shower next Sunday that will be for Kim's family, the Dr. office that she worked for in Calhoun for years, and other family friends and friends of ours. It should be another big turn out.

Thank you to everyone that came yesterday and thank you very much for your generosity. We absolutely appreciate everyone and everything that you've done for us. Please continue to give a moment of your day for Kim and Reese in prayer that everything will be alright and that our little girl will arrive safely in March! Thank you again and we love all of you.

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