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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Maybe Dr. Brown has something....

So over the past several weeks, I've been giving careful consideration to changing bottles just from the sheer volume of stuff to wash off of these Dr. Brown bottles. So in a "threat" of sorts, I decided that we needed some Avent bottles to try out. First thing....they are super expensive ($19 for 2 bottles) and second....there are only three pieces. THAT fact alone makes the price semi-worth it.

So for lunch time feeding, I used one while Kim went grocery shopping. Everything went fine and while Papa and Grandma visited Reese did reasonably well. She fussed a little more than usual and I could attribute that to several things....her schedule of 6,9,12....was off by one hour and was more like 7,10,1....maybe that was it...but this evening we had a little fussy butt. She could have been tired, she could have been hungry, but it also could have been the dreaded GAS because I didn't use a Dr. Brown bottle. It almost seems like Dr. Brown has field representatives that dupe you into believing their bottle is better all in an attempt to keep Mom or Dad chained to the sink station doing wash. I felt like Ben-Hur tied to my oar the other morning because the bottles just kept coming in. "I live to wash bottles and serve this sink....wash well and live!".....apologies to Charleston Heston....speaking of which....bad week to be a 50+ year old celeb huh? The Oxi-clean guy upset me the most because I like his show "Pitchmen", eh well....

Veering back onto subject, you're presently looking at Reese's favorite thing to do now.....Stand.

We have to straighten her right foot because of her ankle being bent so badly while she was residing inside of Kimmy's belly but this is the preferred mode of observation now. Standing leads very nicely into the list of things that Reese is doing now at age three months:
  • just for repeatings sake...she wants to stand whenever possible. I swear this kid will walk before she crawls because she doesn't seem to prefer her belly for long.
  • Her right leg is becoming strong enough to roll her. If you sit her up on the couch, she does this push off thing and slides down. And promptly gets pissed because she slid down.
  • She LOVES her jungle mat and will lay there looking at everything for far longer than any other toy.
  • She is grabbing so much more including Kim's hair and earrings. She'll hold onto to pretty much all of her toys and is grabbing items on her jungle mat now.
  • Hands MUST go in the mouth for nearly every occasion. She isn't quite making the leap from teethers in HER hand to the mouth....but if you hold it for her...she'll gladly gnaw on any of her teething rings.
  • No teeth quite yet....but we can't get a clear look because of her crazy tongue getting in the way.
  • Slobber is thick and stringy.....and very common. So are rasberries. (spit bubbles)
  • She recognizes her bottle and will stop to watch you mix her formula.
  • She smiles SO big when she fixes her eyes on you first thing in the morning or when you get home.
  • She is on the verge of laughing. She has done freak laughs with Kim while she was tickling or playing but its super hard to get consistently.
  • She is eating 6oz every three hours 6,9,12,3,6,9....and then she'll sleep through the night to the 6am feeding. Now watch, since I've said this, she'll make a liar of me tonight but she has been super consistent sleeping through the night every since her first growth spurt.
  • She is starting to take to her doorway jumpy and will consistently hit something to make it play music.
  • The exersaucer is still a little strange for her. I don't know if it's sensory overload but she doesn't seem to like it just yet....time will change that I'm sure.
  • She is kicking like crazy in the bath tub seemingly on command....probably just a fluke.
Folks...that's it for a Sunday evening. Week 2 back to work commences but it's a short one because of the 4th so that's awesome. Enjoy going to work on Monday and it really being Tuesday.


Tara said...

man, sounds like Reese is doing AWESOME! She is so cute and I love those wrinkly little legs when she is standing. Too cute!

The Hunts said...

Have your tried playtex vent aire advanced? My kids couldn't use avent until they were toddlers - although they were my preference. The vent aires worked GREAT for gas issues and, although there are multiple parts, they are MUCH easier to clean than Dr. Brown's.