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Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Baby pics...and a little rambling....

When we lived in Cartersville we moved into this awesome house on a SUPER busy country road. Kim and I called it the Bells Ferry 500 because people would F.L.Y. down this little two lane country back road and we didn't really know that at the like idiots, we moved in and we were the first official "tenants" on the street in a row of about 12 houses that never sold. (I'll save that story for another day.)

This is a bit of a long walk but we'll get there.....When we moved in, we had the street to ourselves for probably three to four months. Then. The neighbors moved in. If you know us and know our story you know that these were the neighbors from hell. They didn't take care of their house, they didn't work in the yard (drove me nuts), didn't watch their Fifty-eleven kids running all over the surrounding yards and into the Bells Ferry 500, they didn't do ANYTHING. Period. End of story.

Among the Fifty-Eleven kids running around this place (no joke they had like 7-8 kids) were these two little boys that were about 3 or 4 years old. These little boys were about as rambunctious as any two boys could be. They used to put BIG sticks in the air condition fan outside, they would throw rocks at the house and I assume the windows as well. They rolled in dirt, mud, and dog poop.

These little boys used to come out and see me working in the anomaly to them in itself....and yell, at the top of their lungs

"HEY!!!!!! WHATCHU DOING?!?!?!?!".

To which I quit responding after about the Thousandth time. The kids meant well but opening up the conversation meant hours of answering questions about what I was indeed doing and answering a bunch of "why" questions.....anyway, I told you all of that to tell you this. Reese looks just like she's saying the same thing in these pics.


That was an incredibly long walk to tag a one sentence phrase on some pics but those little boys were cute kids, sort of funny..... and they didn't deserve the situation they found themselves in. Kim and I were thinking about those two boys not too long ago and the sad situation that they're probably in today. (I mean it was rough in good times, I can only imagine their situation now that times are tougher.) Nearly three years after they moved in...they had to leave because of financial issues. (Parents didn't pay bills either but the Dad like his drugs and was in prison) The house was absolutely destroyed inside but an older couple took a chance and bought the house at a phenomenal discount. They told us one day that those little boys had written in their closets that they didn't want to leave and that they loved their house. As happy as I was to see the mess leave, we both felt horrible for those young boys.

That kind of turned sad didn't it....sorry...I guess that stuff makes us want to show Reese every day no matter what is happening, that she is the center of our world and we love her more than anything. Much more than to let her wander into the race track that was Bells Ferry Road....and more than enough to answer the question....Hey Mommy.....Hey Daddy....Whatchu doing?

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jill said...

i love her outfit!!!!! and her hair is SO precious! it won't be long until the 'why, mommmyyyy' stage. it gets to be more fun every day!