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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Is this really necessary?

For those of you that haven't had kids in the past 3-4 years...I think.....the apparent "new" bottle to have is the Dr. Brown bottle that reduces air and in turn some think reduce the chances of colic in your newborn.

Any evidence to the contrary? Any studies on this? just works.

And I suppose like all things baby/kid related, word of mouth and personal experience mean much more than any print out or study could ever relate. So....we use them too.

Let's lay out the issue here....this is the simple unassuming bottle. Pretty functional looking huh?

Reese uses 4oz bottles now and will likely graduate to 8oz bottles over the next month or so in order to feed around 6oz per feeding versus 4oz. Our life since 3/27/09 has been focused on feeding our precious little one every 3-4 hours during the day and random hours at night but I'll stretch and say two feedings at night. Starting there and planning on feeding by the day time schedule, you're looking at 7-8 bottles during a given 24 hour period. Easy enough right?

Check this out....This bottle turns into one of those Matryoshka dolls (egg shaped stacking dolls - in case I jumped ahead of you)

SIX pieces to this bottle.

Six pieces that have to be washed, dried, put together, taken apart, and on and on and on every day. Oh sure, you can wash all of this in the dishwasher but who in the hell has the money to afford 50 bottles so that you can do that? So we hand wash....and our sink now looks like this.

Oh...and all those bottle brushes like the one to the left that have spongey tops on them. They suck too. Munchkin bristle brushes all the way.

Such is life to keep the adorable one happy and healthy but its just stuff like this that nobody tells you about. We'll cover a few more of these over the next week or so but this one has got to be the #1 sucker punch. MIND YOU....we don't want to change. Because what if our daughter DID develope Colic and Dr. Brown was right all along. Well, then we'd never be able to look at ourselves in the mirror again.

So we keep washing.


Tara said...

I used the Born Free bottles when all that crap about BPA came out. Dumb too. They had about 6 pieces too. I hated that crap. Just remember...this too shall pass and next it will be figuring out which jars af baby food she likes after you have literally bought one of everything. It always seems as soon as I bought several of one kind, he'd decide he was tired of it. Oh, the joys of kids :)Hang on the ride is AWESOME but bumpy.

Mary Kate said...

That is the exact reason I didn't go with Dr. Brown's bottles. I heard they were wonderful, but time consuming to clean...try multiplying the washing times two!! We use the AVENT bottles & love them!

jill said...

we're (i should say were...)also in the avent camp. and love them! dr. brown's looked like too much work, and i'm pretty much a slacker mom. :) HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to kim!!!!!!!!

doubletrouble said...

I know that they have a lot of pieces, but overall we love them! Fortunately we have several bottles for Lauryn b/c we used them for the boys. So we put them in the is so much easier! Anyways, we tried Avent with her b/c I thought they would be easier, and I ended up returning them all for more Dr. Brown's. I had a hard time with the Avent bottles leaking and It is such a wide nipple, that Lauryn didn't do well and ended up sucking more air on those when she fed. So, I'd say, if little Reese is doing good on the Dr. Brown's...don't mess with it. :) Happy washing!