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Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm mildly obsessed...

We get some accolades every now and again regarding the writing in this blog and while those things are good to hear...I've never acted on the desire to write. Until now...I'm obsessed with our new book. No,'s not a real published book but rather our blog in book form! I found this really cool website call Blurb and you can publish your own book.

I really borrowed the idea from Tara's blog and her book looked awesome. So, I've been busy grabbing EVERY post and putting it into our new book. I believe that we'll do this from here out every 100 posts or so just to keep this blog safe and sound for Reese.

Since I have no...creative juices flowing right now (the book has sapped me dry) I thought I would share some pics from this weekend and call it a night.


jill said...

loooooooooove the sleepy picture at the bottom. what an incredible little sweet pea!

Tara said...

hey, thanks for the shout out. Oh, and Reese is adorable. It almost makes me want another one...almost.

Side note: This is weird I know but I make baby products and anytime I see a blogger with a new baby I offer to make them any piece from my collection free of charge. I just made bibs for Cooper and Hadley over at "our Journey". I know it seems weird that some stranger wants to make your kid something for free but I do it for a welcome to the planet little one and also as a way to market my items to a broader audience. So check out my site and pick out any item and it will be embroidered as well. Happy Shopping.

Anonymous said...

Oh Papa Hall you look right at home with this little angel.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the close up of the hand and sleeping! Keep that nasty Nikon clicking! You are doing great!!!