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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What to post Wednesday....

I'm telling you...this little book of our blog has flat sapped any creativity that I thought Kim and I had in our bones. We normally spot things or recall stories or simply live life and some things become "post worthy". But recently, post worthy-ness hasn't been coming so easily - aside from baby pics of course. We like to put a little "tale" with our pics and it just hasn't been happening.

We've got some stuff in the can regarding our hideous chair in the baby room....the mystery that is Dr. Brown's bottles and the problem that washing them presents...could they have any more pieces? We've got normal baby stuff to talk about but do all of you really care that Reese clinches her fists of fury when she's making brown? She also stares right through you when she gets the "mean browns". That little stare she gives you means you'll find an ASS-plosion (another addition from blogger Tara - check out her baby stuff website. We love her bibs and plan on buying some goodies.)

I think it boils down to time now. I mean Reese sleeps very well. (Please don't jinx it...please don't jinx it) and we can plan on getting reasonable amounts of sleep with her each night but we go to bed early regardless - sort of hedging our bets that she might not sleep well. So after eating, feeding Reese, changing her, getting some stuff done around the house....THEN all of the sudden it's bed time. That leaves about 10 minutes to post something and my mind doesn't work that fast. The end result is that Reese is such an amazing little girl and we love her so much. We know we've been blessed beyond words and we can't express it enough.

Anyway... enough chatter about nothing. Enjoy some Rooting, Tooting, Pooting Reesie-Pie pics.



jill said...

she and sophie would be best friends forever. i'm absolutely sure of it. except that maybe sophie would taint reese's sweetness with all her wild woman attitude that's developed recently. :) i should take your advice and go to bed early. but i'm sure i won't.

Caroline said...

Reese is adorable! Please tell Kim I said Hello!

Anonymous said...

Well!Now we can all go to bed at almost 11pm daylight savings time! Especially , since Chicken has posted pic's of Reese ! Boy, you gotta keep those pictures updated for us mountain folks earlier so we can go to bed and get up with the chickens and roosters!I have noticed this little girl(Reesie)has a following all over the USA!God Bless her and all her fortunate bloggers!Chicken, forget the small chicken scratch and just keep uploading those wonderful pictures! Also,snap one of you and the Miss's along,too.WE love All ! See Ya Soon! Papa & Gramma

Tara said...

hey dude. Don't let the blog book throw you, just do you. That is what people want to read and that is what Reese will appreciate in the blog book when she is older. The honest stuff is the best!