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Sunday, May 24, 2009

We've had alot going on...

Since I landed Friday afternoon and made it to the house, we've been on go all weekend.

Friday afternoon started with a dose of Holiday traffic from hell. I literally stayed in stop and go junk from Camp Creek Parkway (basically the airport) up through 575 coming to the house. I was about three more miles from a mild breakdown. I get home, hug Mommy, hug baby. Mommy leaves to take the borrowed pack and play back to Scott and Michelle....I play with Reese, feed her, change the diapy then get on the road to see my Cousin's graduation in Dalton.

Elizabeth graduated from Sonoraville High on Friday night and will be heading down to Tifton this fall and hopefully back to Athens to graduate from UGA in a few short years. Kim and I are so proud of her and she's likely living a dream of my own if she ends up going to UGA. Good luck E-whiz. It's unbelievable that you've grown up so quickly. Life has gotten in the way of me spending more time with you while you've been growing up but it certainly doesn't mean it has to stay that way. Be safe and make good decisions and you'll be fine.

Saturday....we celebrated another graduate. Kim's cousin, Nicole, graduated from the aforementioned University of Georgia in four short years to become a teacher. We went to the party to celebrate this accomplishment and as usual....Kim's family gathers big and parties big. Though not the size and intensity of Lance and Celeste's wedding party and the Christmas throw down from Five months ago, but a good gathering nonetheless. This is another one that just escaped us....Nicole is done with college! It just seems weird to look at her and think of her working a job and being all grown up. We're proud of you Nicole and wish you all the best that life has. Good luck finding a teaching job. We know you'll do awesome with your kids.

Since its nearly impossible to caption this many pics and keep it in line...follow along from left to right and work down - Four generations of Kim's family girls....Grams, Nan, Kim, and Reese. And Grandpa got in the action too. Nancy, Karen, Nadine and her niece. Kim, Nicole, Lance, Celeste. Ash and Ryan. Me and Nicole (rare pic of me on the blog). Norma and Reese. Keefy. Goller men talking it over...Marty, Grandpa, and Charlie. Neleh, NICOLAS, and Kaylie (probably spelled that wrong...sorry).

Reese did well with the crowd but it seems like we're moving because we bring so much stuff with us....that'll make a good post later on so I'll save the details.

Sunday, we did it again. We had a surprise graduation party for Raquelle as she is graduating from High school as well. So is Brandon and Kevin but we sort of did that at Christmas. I mean the whole family is graduating from something this year, huh? Hey...we're proud of all of you. Work hard, dream big, and you'll achieve more than you ever thought you could.

Kim and I visited with my parents before the surprise party so we've been in Calhoun most of the day. Once the party started, we ate some burgers, folks played with Reesie-pie, the Gollers started a game of Canasta, and Kim and I hiked back to the Stock.......guess what, we're pooped. My girls are sleeping right now and I'm getting ready to follow them. Reese is swinging away grunting occasionally and Kim has passed out on the couch. This weekend was fun but man was it busy....I think we'll sleep in on Monday!! I'll say goodnight with some sweet pics of Reese...Enjoy Memorial Day!

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