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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another prayer if you will....

Our family is so blessed with the presence of Reese. Our lives have been changed forever and the blessing of loving her is an honor.

Unfortunately not all parents are able to bring home their little ones from the hospital two days later like we did. Some parents spend months in hospitals and eventually....the worst possible thing happens. Not too many months ago we asked for prayers for the Stamps family and their little girl made it home healthy and happy. We'd like to ask again for you to lift up complete strangers because they've just lost their little girl after 11 months of struggle. Their story will be on the "Doctors" on Wednesday and their blog can be found here.

We don't know them and haven't been following this story long but their family needs prayers and we sympathize with their pain. We couldn't imagine anything happening to our sweet little Reese.

Just because she's here....doesn't mean you should stop praying for our little girl everyday and please lift this family as well. Time heals many wounds but theirs is a very deep one. They could use the love.

***NOTE - I probably didn't make this abundantly clear in the post but its the Freeman's that have lost their daughter...Not the Stamps Family. Just responding to a comment left here.


jill said...

breaks my heart! i almost feel guilty for having such a precious angel at home. but it also reminds me how quickly life can change. love on reese for us tonight!

Anonymous said...

Adam is right on track with the quest for prayer for the Stamps family! A loss of any family member is very, very tough. But, when it’s a sweet little child that’s not had very much time with their parents to love and hold and cuddle them and see them grow is very hard no matter what circumstance has come their way. Not to be able to see them grow up and become what ever life brings their way is a shock not only to parents and family members, but even strangers as ourselves that don’t know the Stamps family.The deathof a child breaks our hearts as well. Because if we lost our own young and innocent loved one- I would hope someone would be praying for me and my family. Thank God for his mercy because we do not deserve the blessings we receive from day to day. This child’s death makes me realize all what I take for granted day to day. I’m going to stop and thank God each morning when I rise from now own for letting me live to see another day and in the evening before I fall to sleep I’m going to Thank God again for the blessings he’s sent my way and for my family and friends. In the past few months, we’ve all seen that all that really counts is family and friends and God’s love and mercy for us. Get into your heads-God loves you and he wants to see us love him back by giving him and his son Jesus Christ the Praise and Glory for everything. Everything means life, family, friendships and all other personal belongings. REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR THE STAMPS FAMILY AND THEIR LOSS!

Anonymous said...

I thought it wad the Freemans that lost their little girl Kayleigh !!??? not the Stamps ??