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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The two month report card....What's Reese doing now?

Kim has been making a little list of Reese's likes and dislikes for Krissy when she starts to keep her around the three month mark...and we probably realize that what is ok today, may not be ok then....and vice versa but its neat to look at the list and see the little personality that Reese is developing. Here are some of our observations:
  • Reese cannot stand to NOT be a part of the action. It doesn't matter if we're just preparing dinner, she has to be right where we are. Otherwise, we'll hear the EP......EHHHP...noise. Try to imagine that Umbrella song by Rihanna and you know where she says Under my umbuhrella ella ella EP EP EP.....sounds just like that.
  • She loves ceiling fans. If she can see one...she's captivated by it. ???
  • She LOVES her swing. She'll fall asleep in it all the time.
  • She NEEDS to be swaddled in order to sleep well. We're working toward a loose swaddle this weekend and hopefully she'll start to ease off this a little. If she's super tired, she'll sleep regardless but she still has the Kung Fu fists of fury and they wake her up.
  • Reese doesn't really need a pacifier. She'll use it to fall asleep sometimes but she'll spit it out once she's really on the way to sleepy-town. By and large...she doesn't require it and we're not sad about it.
  • We're only eating 4oz now but Mommy and Daddy will load her up with 5oz before bed. The load up will get us 7 hours pretty consistently. She is waking up once for some chow around 4-5am and then that 4oz will push us through into the morning. She CANNOT handle 6oz like the doc suggested she might be able to. Spitzville.
  • Reese doesn't burp all that well. You need to stay after her sometimes to get that burp and it can take 10 minutes if she's just in that mood.
  • She doesn't care to lay back when you hold her. She wants to sit up and see the world. Nosey Rosey. She will "recline" when walking in the stroller but that's a limited timeline.
  • The car seat makes her hot now. It just doesn't breath enough for her right now but she's not sleeping in it anymore.
  • The jungle bouncy seat is keeping her attention now and she loves it.
  • I don't know if she has ever fallen asleep on her stomach. Yeah yeah, we know she shouldn't but you'd think at some point the boppy would just wear her yet.
  • She sleeps well but she's not quite through the night and that's ok for two months, right?
  • Smiles are coming like crazy. She smiles sooooo big for us and we just love it.
  • She'll chat with us too. She'll babble and if we babble back....we can start a conversation that will last 5 minutes or more.
Most of all, we just love her to death. Reese is such an amazing little girl and we're so very thankful for her.


jill said...

what a sweet little pumpkin! she and sophie were a lot alike at that age, except for the swaddle. sophie HATED it from day one.

doubletrouble said...

Great to read! Sounds a lot like difficult to burp, loved to be swaddled, and hated to lie back! She wanted to sit up on your lap from day one! Amazing how they change, now Lauryn pretty much just burps on her own. It goes by sooo fast!