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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I met Kim a long time ago...almost 18 years ago to be exact. In that time we've literally grown up together and faced so many things as a couple. But today we celebrated the fact that she is much more than my partner in life...she is my daughter's mother as well.

We both love our own Mothers very much but since this is Kim's first day dedicated to being Reese's mom, I'll keep it brief and just say that I love you very much Kim. If I'd only known that we would have had Reese....we would have done this a long time ago. I love you tremendously and can't say thank you enough for giving this little girl life.

Love to each of our Moms and to all of our family members. Enjoy the pics from the day.

Hanging with Dahddy on Saturday

My girls....

Both smiling....

And then something happened...and I got the look. Or maybe I just caught her at the wrong time

Another good shot of my girls

Reesie Pie

My Grandmother, my Mom, Kim and Reese

Kim, her Mom, and Reese


jill said...

what gorgeous girls you have! happy mother's day, kim!!!!!!

papahall2.0 said...

Hey Adam! I was looking @ the pictures this evening and "the look" picture is a good one because after reviewing it again I noticed Reese's Smile and Big Grin and It was like she knew "Daddy got the look and I know it!" Loking forward to the next update! Kim,If that was "the Look" I think you know how to keep Mr.Hall on the straight and narrow! That-a-Girl!We know someone has keep him in line and I think the you two Ladies can handle the job!Have a good week and we love ya! Papa 2.0

Lindsey said...

Happy Mother's Day, Kim. Reese is adorable; I hope you are enjoying every minute of being a mommy!