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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cuddle pics...

Our little cutie is already sitting in her that fast? I don't really know for sure but 7 weeks seems pretty fast to try it but not like she sits in it for hours while watching TV. She tries it for about 5 minutes and sort of looks like she's wadded up the whole time but still...She's 7 weeks old so we're pretty impressed.

Alright...this is a short post because I have to write some Thank you cards that are a little late. Hey, we've been a little busy here lately. See ya!

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jill said...

love the lime green bumbo! we went with pink, so if sophie b gets a brother someday, he'll probably have an identity crisis. she looks adorable sitting up like a big girl! sophie still loves hers ... except now her fat little legs get stuck and she can't get out. PERFECT for when mommy needs a few minutes to do something!hahahaha!