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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big weekend....big post.

So we had a reasonably large weekend at the Hall household....tons to talk about...lots of pics too. Kim and I both had alot that we wanted to accomplish because believe it or not...our productivity since March 27th on the weekends has been questionable at best. And with good reason of course...Reesie Pie takes up alot of time, but we love every second. Anyway... I've been adamant that it was time to start addressing this huge bed in our front yard that has been empty since our arrival but it serves a purpose (its pretty steep there and cutting grass would be a pain) so over the past couple weekends I've been adding in Daylilies and then we plan to add something that will be visible in the winter time down the center - you can see in the pics that there is an empty spot down the middle so we're going to find something to put there.

Another part of our yard that bothers us is the lack of anything in the woods in our backyard. In my opinion, we have an awesome backyard...its shady starting around 2pm so Hosta are perfect for the woods. Now....I admit that we need to work on the "yard" part because as nice as it is for sitting on the deck... grass is incredibly hard to grow in shade that starts around 2pm. An additional issue that we've had up until recently was the fact that two dogs were peeing on everything that stood higher than three inches. When Rocky was alive, he would pee on something and then Baxter just couldn't have it that he hadn't peed there too so everything had double the pee. And as luck would have it - Dog pee will kill anything and everything so EVERY PLANT that we have planted in the back has died because of Rocky and Baxter. Yeah! Anyone want a plant killing Beagle? By planting anything we're tempting fate or wasting money. One of the two.

Once an awesome display of Shade gardening done in by PEE.

So completing the outside tasks meant we could come inside. When we moved here we knew what we were getting in to with a house that was around 20 years old so you have these little issues that need the back door knob. You needed two hands to lock and unlock the handle because something was dorked up inside the thing. (not anymore) Like the upstairs shower that needed a new handheld spray head because Reese is graduating to baths up there instead of in the sink...she'll still be in the little tub but we're prepping for big girl baths and the shower head needed replacing...also...the tub sprayed at you for some reason when you turned the shower on...So we fixed that too. Put up some shelves in Reese's room, Kim cleaned up and down, I mean we killed it this weekend. Yeah for us!

Reese put up with everything reasonably well and while she's been feeling pretty good, but she has been doing this little choky thing lately. Saturday she was laying on the mat for her little gym and she was just chilling then all of the sudden she stiffened up and starting hacking. I pick her up, pat her back and she's still choking. Her little eyes started watering so now I'm scared to death. Basically, it seems like too much slobber and she'll lock down between a cough, yawn, burp and this little choking thing happens. We've probably had this happen about 5 times since her birth and she ends up being fine but it will absolutely scare the hell out of you when it happens.

Well....that's a long enough post for now. I travel this week so Kim will take the helm later in the week for posts and I might cover some stuff from the road. Love to all....say a prayer for little Reesie Pie!

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jill said...

i'm SO thinking we have the same comforter.... but anyway. WOW for all the work you guys got accomplished. i'm jealous. i cleaned house and got caught up on laundry but that's about all. praying for safe travels (and a manageable week at home for mom!).