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Monday, June 13, 2011

Wedding update....

So, the "Event" is over.

I kid because I care but I've had a little fun with Nicole's wedding, calling it the EVENT because she had like 30 attendants or something like that. Ok, was approximately half of 30 but was more folks standing in identical outfits for something than many collegiate marching bands. I don't think I know 15 people that I could convince to stand up for me so it's a testament to the likability of this couple on both sides.

The wedding seemingly went off without a hitch. If something went wrong we didn't know it - that's a good thing. No one stood up and protested the wedding. But now that I think about it, no one really had the opportunity to argue the cause. The pastor didn't offer that option....maybe those days are over or maybe society has gotten so bold that we don't need the invite to protest something, we just do it without being told that we can. one complained. NO one fell....I don't think. No fights. No drunken issues. No ambulances. No fainting. Success is always in the details isn't it?

The reception was very nice. A neat little food station thingy, decent music....with the typical wedding music (YMCA, Celebrate Good Times, We Are Family, Cupid Shuffle, the Sliiiiide the Left song, two hops one time...turn it up! Every-body clap your hands.......oh, sorry...I digress.) That's not necessarily anyone's fault. I think its the cheesy DJs that do weddings these days or maybe its because at some point, the drunk aunt or cousin will request those songs anyway so just play the songs and save the argument. Not that the description fits any person, place or thing from the McGivern wedding.

I think the moving moment for me was the Father/Daughter dance - seeing that it had all the makings of never happening several months back. For all practical purposes, John (Nicole's Dad) came about as close to dying as you can come without seeing the bright light at the end of the tunnel. Too many details there but John was incredibly sick and he walked his daughter down the isle, with no hip joint in one side, and then danced with her - or more importantly hugged her while a beautiful song played. Pretty moving stuff even if you don't have a heart for stuff like that.

I met Ryan and Nicole when they were probably still in preschool and now Ryan and his girlfriend come and hang out with us like we're they're age and Nicole just got married. It's pretty crazy how time flies and how things just happen right in front of your face. Kim and I wish Michael and Nicole nothing but the best and I just hope that Nicole is as good to Michael, as Kim is to me. Congratulations guys.

 Reese says Daddy....they're getting married...shhhhhhhhh.
Keeping little bit quiet during the wedding.

Very good pic of Lance and Celeste.

 Rick did something to piss off Aunt Nina....just saying.

Paw Paw and Reese doing Cheesy-wheezy.

 Something is on Paw Paw's face..oooooooo!

More cheesing.

Kim, Reese, and Nana.

My dancing queen.

 Best pic ever.

Second best pic ever.

Third best pic....EVAR!

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