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Sunday, December 19, 2010

An Ode to Ray Stevens....

Our daughter has learned how to say it politely.....dis-robe.

Coming from Calhoun, I might tell you she likes to "git nekkid" on occasion. But "nekkid" has traditionally meant diapers were still attached until recently. This evening I was doing a few things upstairs and came down the steps to hear Kim exclaim....WHAT ARE YOU DOING??

That is usually meant for me so I started explaining why I was dragging my feet getting down there with some picture frames. I had a good excuse lined up as I was really fixing a wreath on one of our windows....little did I know that the question was meant for a little girl that had just handed Mommy a wet diaper. I suppose this can be taken one of two ways....Potty training is taking hold and she is beginning to dislike wet diapers. In that case, this would be a good thing...OR...she's an exhibitionist. That would be a bad thing.

Since I'm dishing about my daughter, I don't know that this is behavior that is all that out of whack since I was seen once cavorting around the backyard sans clothing but I was a little older than our newest nudest. God Bless Kim as she tried to restore some modesty to the situation but then out of no where.....the bare bottomed bandit appeared again........

I tried to blur the booty but its funny and you can't see anything any way.....Man look at her go! She was running like she stole something!

Oh yes they call her the streak....lookeythere lookeythere.....Fastest thing on two feet! hahahaha

Sorry sweetie. She'll hate me for this when she's older.


Judith said...

ahhhhhhhhahahahahahaha!!!! Your time is just beginning! Gotta love those terrible two's.....and three's ain't much better! Don't look Ethel! Go gettem Reese! Love to all!

Papa Hall said...

She's going to be a track star..... She's a can see how light she is on her feet!The toes are just barely touching the floor!Go Reese Go!