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Friday, October 30, 2009

We caught it on film....

Yep....sure did.

This ain't like one of them Sasquatch sightings or one of them there UFO's in the sky....we have actual video of little Reese crawling.

Why isn't it up here you ask? Well, Adam and Kim didn't really think about the conversation that we were having and the little baby noises that were meant for encouragement and just listening to the video...Adam sounds like a dingbat and made some horrible sounding oooooo's and a girly man yelp when Reese made it to her prize....her bottle.

We'll film this again on Saturday and my script will be noticeably absent. Kim can let it rip if she wants. Act II sometime Saturday...get lots of candy while you trick or treat folks.


Tara said...

hilarious. Can't wait to see the the video.

zane hollingsworth said...

I do the same things in videos we shoot. I either add a song over the top to drown out what we're saying, or try to remember not to say anything while the camera is on.