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Thursday, October 29, 2009

She's crawling!!!!!

I mean it wasn't a big, long across the room crawl but she chased her little puppy all over the rug tonight. Full blown, one knee in front of the other, one hand in front of the other....crawling!

I called for Kim to come into the living room and Reese turned around and crawled toward her puppy again. Then I noticed that Kim was tearing up a little...For a second I wondered why but then I realized that all of the firsts that are coming around the corner will never be firsts again. Soon enough it will be common place for her to crawl....then pull up....then cruise the furniture, then is a little sad but INFINITELY more exciting than anything. It really does happen so fast doesn't it?!

If I could slow down time at home and speed up my time at work, I would do it in a heartbeat. We barely have four hours with her during the entire day M-F and that just isn't enough. I need to change the subject because its just not good to talk about everything that I *think* I'm missing.

I love being Reese's daddy....and I love being Kim's husband. This is the coolest, hard thing that I've ever done and I couldn't be happier. I love my girls.....


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Yay Reese! So exciting to see them do new things!