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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Seven months!!

Already 7 months old...where is the time going? What will we do if every year flies by like this one? It's exciting on one hand and on the other side I worry that this time is moving so fast that we'll never capture enough to truly get our fill.

This blog and the pic-a-day blog are meant for our own purposes so that we can look back on this time in retrospect and remember what was happening and yet I try to draw humor and sarcasm into the posts to make our world seem less mundane to the outside observer. However, in thinking of something unique for the blog I'm probably going to start some random small posts titled Happiness Is.....Its a play on the Peanuts cartoon strip (Charles Schultz would run random weeks of these comics) and just a point of remembrance for us that isn't a gripe or a complaint but a true and possibly random thought that makes Kim and I happy.

For the very first thought, I offer up that Happiness is....a seven month old little girl and her obsession with her alphabet spider. Happiness is also a Mom and Dad making collages of their little girl from birth to 7 months old.

Love ya squirt.

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Papa Hall said...

Happy Seven Month Birthday to Reese! We miss you! Love ya! Papa and Gramma