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Sunday, October 4, 2009

I haven't seen my family....

since Wednesday. No really. I've been secluded in our master bath removing sinks, removing tile, prepping for tile, laying tile, aching, hurting, sweating, stinking, getting dusty, and pretty much anything else that might suck in a big way. Oh...and the best part is that I'm no where near done.

I took off another two days later this week which I hope will be a little less chaotic. I'll share pics as I get closer to done but suffice it to say....this is interfering with posting. Sorry for the slow posts. Hopefully I'll get better once the world calms down a little bit.

Kim and Reese have been enjoying each other while I hide out upstairs so I really don't have a clue as to what Reese is up to these days because in my own mind....she should be in the bathroom helping her Daddy! Let me offer a little sage matter what the price is to install tile, it's worth it. Pay the contractor. Believe me.

And Reese feels the same way.....I love this pic so I had to include it.

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jill said...

when did she start looking like such a big girl?!?!? so grown up! and as adorable as ever! :) and thanks for this post. i'm printing it out to keep and highlight for hubs when we decide to redo something in the house and he thinks he can handle it alone. ha! can't wait to see it!