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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Sleeeeeeeep....where have you been?

It all started after the Apple Festival and Reese getting the sniffles. It stands to reason that super cold air, warm car, back out into super cold air, wrapped up warm...back into super cold air. Well, that might cause a baby's nose to run and it did. The nose issues bleed into sleep issues that probably coincided with a growth spurt of sorts. Reese challenged us Saturday night with sleep, Sunday night, and then Monday as well. Tuesday and Wednesday nights have been back to normal but three days or nights of something sort of feel like a trend and now you get that little worried gut thing because you're afraid that this is going to be your new normal for a spell.

We broke out of this with more chow for Pooks - it worked like a charm. We also tried to create an ideal situation for a sleepy baby and make sleep the desired result for Reese...In layman's terms, wear her booty out.

Working as well.

The other issue was the nose and trying to clear a 6 month old nose is something akin to torture. Not so much for the parent but for the little baby getting saline drops in the nose followed by this sucky bulb thingy. That process has really sucked....hahaha get it....for Reese but she has done well despite her obvious disdain for the process.

So what we have tonight....with all of our an incredibly cute baby girl sleeping on her Mommy's shoulder. I seriously don't know what we would have done if Reese had been a poor sleeper from the beginning but maybe by now we would be accustomed to the lack of shut eye.

I think we're ready for our good little sleeper to stick around for right now......YAAAAWWWWN! Time for bed now...

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