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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Changing the header....waiting to change the background.

I'm tired of waiting.

We're changing the header now and will find a Christmas background once the blog sites post them.

I guess we have to get through Thanksgiving first. This is the only thing that we are changing early so don't worry about seeing Christmas lights up just yet.

On another little girl made my day this morning. I'm off and Kim is working so Reese and I have been playing all morning. First, let me say this - Reese is a handful. God Bless Kim for being Reese's primary entertainment while I'm working or doing stuff around the house. But as I fed a completely wiped out little girl...she fell asleep in my arms. It's the little things. A sleeping baby in your arms changes you in a way that can't be explained. She trusts you enough to sleep on you and she just knows that she'll be ok. What a feeling. I'm such a jerk sometimes and I make as many mistakes as anyone else - probably more - but none of that matters to Reese. She just loves her Daddy.

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