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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend updates...

This week sort of ushers in my favorite time of the year...I love fall and I love football but I really enjoy the holidays. Thanksgiving to Christmas is such an amazing time of year that I wish you could capture through another series of weeks during the year but I guess it wouldn't be such a special time if you could get this in June.

I know that so many put such emphasis on getting their shopping done and stressing over the list of things to do but I sort of sit back and take it all in. I'm sort of deep like that. I enjoy the smell of fresh Christmas trees (but we have a fake safety) I enjoy holiday dinners and gatherings, I love the decorations and the "spirit" that follows us during Christmas. We're better to each

I love Thanksgiving turkey. Filling up on amazing dinners only to crash and watch football on the couch. Waking up semi-early on Friday to grab a deal or two. Shagging out all weekend just relaxing and getting decorations out. (I'm sort of a stickler for getting through Thanksgiving before putting up Christmas) I have no issue putting up stuff on Thursday afternoon but lets at least eat the meal.

On Saturday, we celebrated an early Thanksgiving dinner and also my Great Uncle's 80th birthday. It was a good evening. Reese did very well with all of the new faces and it was nice to see everyone together. My Papa's family is shrinking...It's sad but a reality that continues to set in with every passing year. Here are a couple pics from the night with our family elders and the next generations.


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jill said...

love the pictures!!!! happy thanksgiving week!