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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Her world has opened up!

My little baby girl's world has just flung wide open. Before, she was confined to a jungle play mat or a sheet that Kim and I would put on the, her world is only limited by her desire to crawl there.

What's even more troubling/crazy/amazing is that the changes just keep coming. Like last night...she pulled herself up from her stomach, onto her knees, and then up to her feet....all while holding on to the couch. She is balancing on her knees, she is reaching, grabbing, looking - wow. What an exciting time for her. Could you imagine living her life right now? Her limitations are slowly lifting to her own abilities. Check her out....(some of the pics are blurry but the little fart moves too fast.)

1 comment:

nana said...

You go girl.!!....Before you know it she will be walking...Then look out...Your whole world will change then !!! Are we still trying to get her to say Na-Na ?? Ha Ha..
Love to all,