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Monday, February 21, 2011

Thoughts from the dentist's chair.....

Today is a holiday for me....lucky yes....somewhat of a yuck day...yes again.

I didn't start my holiday with a biscuit from Family Tradition or a donut from the local bakery. I didn't sleep in and I haven't been watching Regis and Kelly. Nope, I went to the dentist and for my troubles, I can't feel my face.

I'm difficult to numb and on my last visit to the dentist, they tried for almost an hour to deaden my jaw for a simple filling but my body was hopped up on Caffeine and that is a no-no when trying to deaden your smile. Today, I went in only armed with a chocolate milk from this a.m. and no food. They popped me three times and now, I can barely blink my right eye. My lip feels as if it is swollen from a fight, my tongue feels like its not part of my body and like a left over piece of flank steak that I've been chewing for the past two hours. I want to enjoy a lunch but it would appear that I may be sipping a milk shake for lunch today.

I need to be doing things around the house but I think Novacaine has an adverse affect on my desire to do anything as well. I think my "want to" is numb as well. I think I'll head for the couch and rest for a bit....and maybe swallow my tongue.

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