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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Summary....Chuck turns OLD! and we're closer to a name.

Kim's folks stopped in for some lunch and for Chuck's Birthday...he turns 66 today and is pretty much confirmed old as dirt. Truth be told, Kim and I are jealous because we would love to be retired! I think ol' Chuck is hanging in there pretty good for 66. I could only be as lucky to be trucking along that well. We had a good lunch and Lance and Celeste introduced us to a word game that pretty much sucks if you don't get it and we didn't for nearly an hour. We'll have to spring this on some friends and family at some point because it will terrorize you until you figure it out.

Baby girl is doing good. She keeps kicking away and believe it or not....we've pretty much figured out which name we're going with. We ALMOST put it in the Christmas cards but opted not to because writing it down makes it semi-permanent. But we're pretty sure which way we're going.

We'll "unveil" it later on just to make sure that sleeping on the name doesn't change things.

Outside of that...we're just looking forward to Christmas break and then we're giving ourselves CARPET for a Christmas gift. (I mean thoughtful is that ladies? Forget jewelry - Kim wants flooring and is happy about it.) We really need it upstairs if nothing else but to calm down the squeaky floors. We may do some more personal stuff in a few months just to get through some craziness around the first of the year.

Keep on praying for Kim and baby girl and have a positive week!

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