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Friday, December 19, 2008

We've decided....

I feel comfortable saying that Kim and I have finally decided on baby girl's name.

What I don't feel comfortable doing is posting it right now because Kimmy is asleep on the couch and she may "dream" something about her name and decide that what we've already decided isn't quite right for some reason.....ahhh the joys of living with a pregnant woman that already stinks at making decisions.

Another decision that we made tonight is that this was to be COOKIE night. Every Christmas we...or for some reason this has turned into I....make the Neiman Marcus cookies that take about forever to mix, spoon, and bake but we love them and I refuse to let this tradition die. Little bit will be 30 years old with her own kids before I let this one escape us. Kim helps some usually but she was flat exhausted from running around today (Yeah! She finally took a day off!). She bought everything for the Chili cook Saturday night and she got all of my cookie mixing stuff. She did her Glucose test, she went to the dentist, she did something else and even cleaned up a little in the house....she was also up at 11pm so as I type this post, she is slobbering on the pillows of the couch. Poor girl is out cold.

Well, with cookies done, Baxter having gone out for his last potty, Kim scaring off intruders with her low toned snore....I think the only thing to do is wrap up and show you the final product.

More posts will come before the day but I'm starting Chrismas week off with a big honking bowl of cookies and ice cold milk. Merry Christmas to me!

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