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Friday, July 9, 2010

15 month checkup....

Reese has never really thrown a fit at the Dr. offices but mix her general un-easiness with a day full of schedule changes and you have a baby girl that really needed bedtime tonight and a Mommy and Daddy that were happy to oblige.

I was running a tad late to the appointment and it appeared that Reese was already crabbing a little bit so I knew we were in for a treat. She ate a little earlier than normal....she had to be woke up from her nap....she's at the Dr's office about to get a shot....and she can't get down to cruise around. Deadly combo.

I missed the weigh in but little Reese hits the scales at 26lbs. 8oz. She is 32.5 inches tall and her head measured fine. Her head and height are in the 95th percentile. Her weight is in the 90th percentile, so she may be leaning up a little bit. I get there and Reese is fine...she's wanting a book, she wants down, wants a bite, book, down, bite, get the idea.

Our Dr. checks her out and she's doing fine. We got a miniature scolding for keeping her on pureed food so it would appear that we have a tough couple days ahead of us pretty soon because we're going to have to start preparing real food for her soon. Baby food has been convenient and easy and she loves it. She's getting vitamins and nutrients and we're ok with that...but I know she needs to be eating. Doc says present things slowly and then don't offer a back up plan. Eat this....or don't. Bring it back in an hour or so and see what happens. She'll eat. Or throw a of the two.

We've allowed Reese a little too much flexibility on the eating plan. She's pretty happy to tell you "No." when you attempt to try something new but she says it nicely. It sounds like "Naw" instead of a demand. So we've got to get creative and quick.

On to the shots....the only reason I come to appointments is to make sure we get all the instructions and hold the baby. I'm the straight jacket....and Mommy is the hugger. I want to swap roles. I lay her down on the table and the nurse starts popping her with shots. All of the sudden Reese's world goes from mildly complicated to a full blown disaster. Crocodile faced.... screaming.....crying..... screaming....bellering... And it continued into the car. A bowed back fit took place in the car....Whining at the house, screaming, crying, whining.....sniffle...calming down. Smoothing over....wait...what was that? Something made a sound....BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! The crying commences. It was like this all night with the off and on frustrations.

I ran back to the office to finish some things and pick up food....we dare not attempt a night out with this level of boo hoo action. I check on the girls a couple times and Reese wasn't still slinging a rod but close. Tonight, we put Reese down with a mild amount of Thank you Jesus. She needs a good nights sleep in a bad way. Oh, I hope Saturday is a better day for her.

This one was a toughy. Ugh.

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