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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Change isn't easy....

So a follow up to my most recent post regarding Reese's Dr. visit starts off like this....Doc wants us to drop the pureed foods from Reese's diet. No more #2 baby foods and if possible, no #3s either. Um.....ok. Let me explain, I've been on the food change kick for a while now but we've sort of done what was convenient rather than push Reese out of a comfort zone.

I mean think about it. She never took a paci, we weaned her off the bottle at 12 months and a few days, she literally went milk free for a while after that, and now we're changing the only constant that she's had for nearly 9 food. Safe to say that she's resisting. One day she'll eat something...the next she won't. We've been challenged a little with sitter vacation days and trips so we've had to lean on Krissy, Nana, and most recently Lynne so we've tried to keep it easy on the fill in sitters and leave the tough work to Sherry and Mamaaaa/Dadaaaaa. We've assumed that the child will not starve herself and will eventually get back to eating her normal allotment but its tough to watch her boldly declare that Chicken and Stars will not be a part of the menu. Neither will Graduates.....We don't like mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, chicken, noodles, pears, bananas, ANYTHING that isn't baby food.

I went online tonight just to sort of research this little stage and it seems perfectly normal and quite honestly more like the norm than not. Sure, some kids eat like Billy Goats but not ours. I mean it would stand to reason that she would be this way since we're not blessed with expanded palettes but we thought it might be easier. Eh...maybe not so much.

I will say that she has been a much different baby since the 15 month shots last Friday. She was a bitter pill last week but I suppose I would have been too. Can't judge a girl for being a little ticked over those shots. The weekend was great, this week has been great, she was good for Lynne yesterday (another big thank you for the last second help) and good for Nana today so we're not into "attitude" just yet but we're certainly not into change either.

I'll finish this post with another little tidbit from my personal life. I love my wife dearly. She is a strong woman and a fantastic mother. She never complains and she does what is necessary whether she has the strength to do it or not. I've never deserved her and why she stays is beyond me....but I love her the best I know how and she loves me back despite my flaws. She is a team player....she gets it. We're on the same team pushing the ball in the same direction. She has a great attitude about things and sees good in everyone. I wish I could be more like her in that way.

But some folks sort of wear you know? We all know people that just suck the life out of you - don't worry the person or persons that I'm secretly referring to NEVER read this blog or I wouldn't breach the subject so it's none of you - and I guess I sort of reached my pinnacle the other day with the bad juju that was constantly being thrown my way. I hit the wall with something and didn't just bounce off...I crashed through. Bad attitudes are contagious and I was getting the Bird Flu version of this bad attitude. I'll stop short and simply say, that my wife and daughter mean more to me than anything else. We have great friends that we try to spend time with and good family around us as well. I wish we could spread ourselves around more but for now with Reese still being small, we'll change that in time. We're opening doors to new friendships and building life long lessons for Reese. I've got more to be happy about than to be sad about and I need to remember that all the time. And finally....I am so thankful for a strong woman. Kim, you make this journey fun. Thank you for being you. Love ya!


Judith said...

Adam, you are one of the best Father's I have encountered in a while. Times and Life are stressful. Don't sweat the small stuff.......Live, Love & Laugh.....ALOT!!! Papa would be PROUD!!! Love ya!!!

Adam and Kimmy plus Reese! said...

Thanks Sis. I hope I'm doing Papa proud. That's a pretty big set of shoes to fill for a rookie.

doubletrouble said...

Adam- to say she was good was an understatement...she was an angel!!! We really enjoyed her company the other day...she is welcome anytime! When the boys woke up from their nap, all they kept asking about was "Where'd Reese go?" The kids loved having her too. We really do need to get these girls together more often. Glad I could help, she is a sweetie!

Lindsey said...

for a suggestion on progression to table foods -- try canned veggies and fruits. (of course fresh veggies and fruits are better, but canned is so much more convenient & transportable, right?!)

it was hard for me to move to table food with Luke. He had a bad gag reflex and milk allergy so we were on baby food forever. i started the transition with the same food (peas, green beans, carrots, squash) that's normally babyfood but in the canned veggie section.

i put all his food in little chunks on his tray table and let him go to town. it took a while, but gradually, after a couple of weeks, he was on total table food.

An easy meal for my two is canned green beans & canned carrots (heated in the microwave) plus grilled chicken and fruit cocktail (no sugar added). My mom cringes everytime she sees me do it (not seasoning the veggies nor cooking them on the stove), but my kids love it.

she'll get it and so will mom and dad. i agree with you though it really is a hard transition to make.

good luck!

Lindsey said...

re-reading your post, it looks like you're already trying the new foods and she's mostly resisting. (not that your soliciting advice... forgive me.) but both of my kids (especially Luke) go on food strikes. he'll eat a few bites, skip a meal, drink a lot of juice, and be done for the day. i think that's normal, too. as long as she's sleeping well, playing hard, and otherwise healthy, i say let 'em eat when they wanna eat and not worry about it. easier said than done, right?

anywhoo... best of luck to y'all! isn't parenthood such an adventure?!

Take care.