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Thursday, August 5, 2010

She's eating!!!

Well...She never really stopped but I'm pretty sure that we've documented our struggles in getting Reese to eat regular foods. I'm so happy to report that she is making huge strides now. She still shrugs off breads and Mac'N Cheese....which is mind blowing....but she is eating green beans, corn, carrots, fruit cups and all sorts of other stuff that isn't pureed. That is so awesome!

So what caused the change? Kim was so smart about this...Kim knew that Reese was so observant about what jar or cup she was feeding her from. Reese would literally watch you spoon food out and then get all cross-eyed trying to watch you put in the spoon in her mouth. If it looked like something different or came from an odd jar or bowl...she wanted nothing to do with it. You could front load the spoon with apple sauce or pudding and follow it up with mashed potatoes or a thick soup or anything but Reese would still reject it.

Kim decided that maybe if everything were on a plate or coming from the same place....maybe the resistance wouldn't be so severe. Amazingly enough, Kim was right. Reese is eating like a champ now. We're not going to full blown chunks yet but she is chewing well and we recite the line that Nana quoted to Sean all the time..."Chew, Chew, Chew!" to which Reese will reply "shew, shew, shew". If you were to put a number on it she's like in stage 4-5 right now if baby food is a 2-3.

I'm so proud of Reese and so thankful for such a smart woman to be her Mommy. I mean this seems like nothing to you guys but this is a big deal to us. I was afraid that Reese would be going to school with her Gerber jars if something didn't change soon.

Patience, perseverance, and changing what doesn't work. We're learning everyday.

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