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Monday, April 18, 2011

Mom's THIRD Knee....

So I mentioned the other day that my Grandmother is in the hospital and yesterday made two weeks with some pretty intensive care. During that time, my Mom's lingering knee issue came to a head (so to speak) with a very clear sign that something was terribly wrong with her 2nd knee. A massive infection essentially came to the surface and burst through her skin just below the knee...A sure sign that SOMETHING was wrong and pure, unadulterated proof of a problem that she had been reporting to her doctors for some while now. Well, she is in the hospital tonight with eyes on taking that knee out and installing a temporary knee with antibiotics infused (I guess that's the term) and then three months later, they'll go back in and put in a third knee. What an ordeal she's been through but she's strong and she's probably weathered the worst because at least there is action taking place now...versus nothing at all. She'll  certainly have some struggles between now and then but if the pain of the infection will subside, this may be a blessing in disguise and a temporary burden to get to a final resolution....I sure hope.

Grandmother's prognosis isn't tremendously better from last time but at least she has stabilized. She has some pretty serious infections and she has a lot of things working against her....she has been idle so long in the hospital that what muscle control she did have is probably slowly going away. She's too big right now but I suppose that's the Hall way...a sure reason for my big arse to keep running. And she really couldn't care for herself if she wanted to and in many ways, it seems unlikely that any of the family can care for her adequately due to some of these infections and, again, her size and lack of strength. It would be like moving dead weight as she can't pull, push, or lift much of anything. Sitting up seems to require aid right now and that just breaks my heart.

Knowing that both of them are just dying to see Reese and knowing that it could be months before Mom gets down here (we'll be up there in between, don't worry) Kim and I decided to make a little get well wish from Reese. We'll get one for Grandmother Helen tomorrow....holding this sign was a wrestling match to get a pic so just bear with us.....nonetheless......Get well soon from Reese!

Love, Reese!

Pray for my family. My Mother for healing, a speedy three months, and finally a swift return to her feet, My Grandmother for healing and for decisions that need to be made long term for her well being. My Dad because he's stretched thin just doing the day to day with both situations, and everyone else because we just need them. Thanks everyone.

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JulesG said...

This knee issue is IDENTICAL to my father in laws! The infection, the temp knee, then the replacement! Take heart, this should be much better soon!