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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mudders Day!!

Three Mother's Day pics.....

To my wonderful Mother - get well and get back home soon! I know you miss seeing Reese so I hope yesterday was a good surprise. My Mom has been in the hospital nursing a horrible knee issue but we're all hopeful that this process is the last one and she can return to normal living. To my Mother-in-law, Nana, thanks for watching Reese Friday so Kim and I could go on a date night and thanks for everything that you do. MawMaw and Nana are both amazing.

Thank you to my Grandmother Helen for being the most watchful person in my life. If anyone could worry about has been her. Now the tables are turned and we're worrying about her. She's been in the hospital for over a month now but she may be showing signs of getting just the slightest bit better. To my Grandmother Lucille - You've been gone for a long time now but I know you would just love Reese. I know you would love Kim and you would be so proud of us. I miss you so much.

Last....Happy Mother's day to Kim. You've amazed me with your instinct as a mother and your care. You love Reese with all that you are and that makes me love you even more. You are a wonderful, wonderful Mommy and we (Reese and I) love you so much.

Happy Mother's Day!

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