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Saturday, May 28, 2011

What an accomplishment....

Adam completed his first 10 mile race today. I'm SO proud of him and how committed he was to sticking to the 10 mile race versus the 4 mile race that was the other option. He has been pretty nervous about it, but during our conversation last night we talked about finishing the the race without a concern of the time. He was extremely happy to know that he was NOT the last person to complete the race, as I new he wouldn't be.


Reese talking with all her friend and family on her blackberry telling them how proud she is of her Daddy!!;-)

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Papa Hall said...

I want to hear about those black knee highs that Adam's wearing! And tell Miss Reese to give me a call sometime on that Blackberry of her's! Enjoying all the pictures and missing all of you very bad ! Come to see us !