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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Conversations with Reese....

Everyday when I get home Reese will always yell, "DA DAAAAA!". The intensity cannot be replicated in the written word and the impact cannot be measured. There is something special about that title....and to hear your daughter yell it, bellow, or demand your attention is simply priceless. Her intensity with everything now is so awe inspiring. She isn't even 15 months and she is picking out pictures in a book and in many cases identifying it simply on a request and even saying it. Ball, Duck, Quack, Book, Puppy, choo choo, shoe, sun are all things she is saying and identifying. But what flips me out is to ask her to point to a drum and she will. She knows where the Crescent Moon is on her book and points to it. She knows hat a boat, flower, and apple are and will point to them on demand in a jumbled up picture of these items.

Her ability to learn and comprehend what she is told baffles Kim and I. If you tell her to take something to the trash and throw it away...she will. Ask her to wipe her mouth, she will. Tell her its time to go to bed...she crawls up the steps and walks into her room ready to go down. We're blessed with this little angel and watching her grow and learn is such a privilege.

Just reading to her and having her in my lap, trusting me explicitly to take care of her....knowing that I'll keep her safe in the pool, knowing that I'll put her first before my own needs...She looks at me with those amazing blue eyes that must be from the Bug Man because I do NOT have Blue eyes - I digress - I ask her if Daddy can have a kiss? And she is happy to oblige. I get my kiss and ask for a DA DAAA and she, again, is happy to oblige....DA DAAAAAA she says. Opening her mouth so wide that her molars look like pieces of cotton jammed into her mouth.....I love my baby girl.

We tuck her in and watch her on the video monitor. I'll have to admit...we missed the boat for a long time on this parent thing. What a great job being a Dad is.

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Judith said...

Does she say chee-chee yet? Just wait!!! I tried to tell ya that you were missing something special...Love ya....