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Friday, June 11, 2010

Pre-weekend update...

Updating the blog has become difficult lately....

I mean not like the kind of difficult that would prevent us from doing it but the kind of difficult that would cause you to fall asleep around 8:30p because Reese just went down and you're exhausted too.....or because you've been traveling most of the week...or because you actually have a moment of silence because your precious wife is asleep on the couch and your daughter is as well....It's just five minutes that we have to carve out for our own sakes so we can remember these times in our lives but its sort of like running on the treadmill. I know I need to do it....but I'd rather slobber in my easy chair as I drift off to sleepy town.

I guess it's fair to say that Reese has changed gears on us lately. She is soooo freaking attentive to our words and actions now. She is really attempting to say alot. Her words include Mama, Dada, Papa, One, two, tweet - as in "what a bird says", ready, go, thank you, bite, more, outside, bye, puppa (her puppy), night night, randomly she seems to say love you, she tries to sing the itsy bitsy spider....she even does her hands, NO NO!....I'm sure there are more and I'm missing them but I feel like this is pretty good considering the kid is only 14 months old.

She tries to start her ABCs but she says, A, E, O, I.....sort of working the vowels more than the consonants. But she repeats A, B, Cs yet....if you do it slowly. Amazing!

She loves her lego blocks, loves the Pool, LOVES LOVES LOVES the Zac Brown /Jimmy Buffet Crossroads concert, loves going for walks, loves being on the go, she loves being outside, loves wondering around to look at new things....she just loves life.

Foods are opening up as well. She is eating a waffle in the morning, loves fries now, ate a chicken nugget the other day, Cheezits, crackers, any fruit baby food, 100 calorie chip ahoy crackers, animal crackers, teddy grahams....the list goes on. It's so nice to see her showing interest in eating "people" food and its exciting to watch this transformation. We just love her so much....she is such a fun little girl.

We're hoping for a great weekend so grab some sun and have a great Saturday and Sunday.

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