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Monday, June 28, 2010

Muddn', Runn', and sleepn'

I'll tell the story sort of backwards....This is what Reese looked like after a full day on the go. Note that Puppa is still in her arms which is highly unusual. Her legs are through the crib...her preferred method of sleeping now, and the shirt is pulled up so as to expose the belly. She was asleep in about 2 minutes.

That was after a day of swimming, preceded by some chillin' with Uncle Lance and Aunt Celeste....I'm so tempted to tell Reese that it's the other way. (Aunt Lance and Uncle Celeste...just to have something unusual for Reese in her family) AAAAAANNNNDDD preceded by that with a ride home from the Black Foot Mud Run seeing Daddaaaa, Aunt Lance, and Uncle Celeste get muddy running around like a bunch of kids with no sense.

Reese was excellent at the mud run and Kimmy took good pics since she had to sit out this time with Pooka. I sort of mis-understood that Kimmy was wanting to actually run the race so I could have had Dad come up and baby-sit the little one but she would have probably freaked out seeing Kim and not being able to get to her. Probably for the time Kimmy, I'll sit out. This one sucked!

Black Foot was a full blown 5K unlike the warrior dash and I think the obstacles were better. I posted pics on Facebook but let's take a closer look here on the blog why don't we....

Here we have some stretching...Note that the only one really getting a good stretch is Celeste. Lance and I are just play acting....
Pooka Reese is giving Mommy a sunshine smile because the rest of us are running our rear ends off.
Daddy finally emerges from the brush only to stumble, bumble and RUMBLE to the first obstacle...

Meanwhile Lance tries the ropes and it didn't turn out too well.

Dadaaaaa struggles while Celeste looks on....Don't let her fool you. She walked around this one.

Dadaaaa fairs no better than Lance on the ropes. Look at those guns would ya!!

Celeste pulls ahead in a boggy marsh and meanwhile Adam has a look on his face that would appear to say....I'm about to mess myself.

Lance is running like a Kenyan on the course but appears a little spent after dropping off the wall. I would imagine some choice words from him right about now.

Uncle Celeste and Dadaaaa crawl in the mud. We're both pretty disgusted right now.

Hey guys....this is where Adam was saying "Please God don't let me fall off this rope wall!"

Check out the form....a true sprinter.

What the hell am I doing with my hands? Is this like the sissy trot or something?

Finally the race is over and we're all feeling pretty bold. So we flex.

So there you have it....the zoom never lies. And truth be told, I probably passed out like Reese Saturday night too.

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Judith said...

I think you guys are hurting for something to do. If ya'll are that bored......we have some stalls that are about knee high in manure that need cleaning out. And we can always find some hay that needs hauling and stacked and all sorts of fun can jump from the loft of the barns and swing from all kinds of ropes and stuff! LOL....Sounds and looks like fun!