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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dawg Love...

It wouldn't be right to not show some Dawg love as well. We painted a little something in the basement a couple weeks back......before all of the madness of the living room and office began. This is basically a projected image on the wall and TONS of tape. I think it looks pretty good for a rookie.

The basement is a work in process and still needs some serious attention but it's not really getting all of the time that it needs right now. We have tons of UGA stuff and general sports stuff to hang and I need to install some new baseboards but hey...its the basement so it'll be ok. I've also got UGA standing watch over the yard with the flag in the background.

Oh and by the way, our yard that just happened to get (I have to brag a little) Yard of the month. I'll not say another word about it...until I get it again : )
Kimmy's sweat made this possible....God love her. The yard isn't in top notch condition but no body has a super green yard with the lack of rain. Little Bit will probably never have to cut grass because Daddy likes it too much.

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