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Sunday, October 12, 2008


So this is what the living room looked like about two weeks ago....the walls were painted with a sanded paint and then covered with a glaze in order to cover some booboos and give the walls a bit of a suede look. The idea was great but the color....a golden, not so much. A year after moving in we finally got motivated enough to change it and this is the final product:

We also did the office but in a bit of a darker can hardly tell during the day but it is a little darker (almost looks yellow in this pic but I promise it's not). We turned the desk around, put up new blinds, painted the windows, scraped the windows...OMG I'm sick of painting.

But while we're sharing, the Dining room looks pretty sweet too....we painted this room back in the spring but it hasn't really gotten alot of coverage since we don't really have a "formal" dining set. This room was a deep red with a white bottom when we moved in and the top is now more like an Olive color and I opted for an off-white to soften the blow a little. Yeah, Kim and I are done with reds in the dining room.

Next up, the nursery or the hallway/kitchen. I love to paint. No seriously!

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