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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Summary

I'm all the time looking at other blogs to get ideas for our own and I've seen titles like Wordless Wednesday...the theme being pics only with no blog or explanations for the day so I'm inventing Sunday summary which will sort of catch up the end of the week and give the wrap-up on our "hectic" lives.

In summary....I didn't do anything exciting this weekend. Kim had a sort of a girls night out Saturday with the Cartersville gang but I stayed back to watch the Dogs beat on LSU, I was supposed to wire up the stereo but I only found the strength to wire up the DVD that we bought in August....I just had to have that DVD player! I treated myself to some JD's BBQ and then narked out on the couch that Kim has been keeping under lock and key lately.

I was productive to a degree as I did ride for about 18 miles Saturday and that must have kicked me good because I haven't felt great since I got off the bike. I was able to secure the CFO's nod to purchase Photoshop this weekend (I'm only kidding honey...) but loading and using the program in order to make our blog all flashy will probably take all winter. I'm tinkering with the camera all the time so I can be ready for those cute baby photos that the entire family will be looking for once 'little bit' arrives but now I'm needing ideas on how to pitch the necessity of a DLSR camera to the board. I'm thinking Christmas but with budget cuts at the Hall Corp. I may have to shelve the camera until spring/summer timeline. The new little pocket camera is just that....a pocket camera for those everyday run of the mill photos. You gotta have the mac-daddy for baby portraits and the cute little hold still moments....right?

There are some events coming up this week which include our 2nd Annual Sit out by the street with the chiminea and hand out candy for Halloween Event....already a hit in its inaugural year, the event has been brought back with s'mores on the menu and hateful kids that just walk up and hold out their hands for free stuff. I don't mind the kids with manners but I take issue with the brats that walk up with the Walmart plastic mask and demand candy with nothing more than an "Umph". At least pay me the respect to ask for a Trick or a Treat. Eh well....Then Saturday will be the UGA v. FL game hosted at Casa de Hall. No formal invitations will be sent so please drop in for some chow and football.

Man, I have alot to do to the house before then. Alrighty...Keep prayers coming for Kim and baby and I'll be posting more later.....Maybe on Wordless Wednesday.

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