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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good Weekend

An Apple Festivus for the rest of us!

Kim and I had a great fall weekend and I'm pretty bummed about going back to work tonight. From a sickness standpoint....we're getting so much better than we were. I'm very pleased that Kim had a good Sunday because we ate like garbage yesterday at the Apple Festival and I fully expected for her stomach to bother her today. I started the apple festival day off with a corn on the cob which sounds a little strange but the corn is fresh, they have awesome seasoning, and it's just my thing. We then shared a bloomin' onion with Lance and Celeste and ate some of their peeled potato chips. THEN, Kim got a fried pie and I took on a fried pie with ice cream. All of that was with intermittent shots of fresh apple cider. Sooooo gooooood. I was looking for Brunswick Stew but my guy hasn't been there for the past two years and I'm to the point that I think I'm going to find my own recipe and make it for one of the menu items when we host the UGAv.FL game.

We left Ellijay and drove to the Cherohala Skyway in Western North Carolina hoping to see some fall color. The peaks of the mountains (around 3500 ft and up) were beautiful, but I think the leaves need another week or so. Kim didn't show signs of being car sick until we were already down the mountain and the little winding road from Tellico Plains back to Blue Ridge proved to be a little much for Kim and Celeste toward the end. We powered through some chow at O'Charleys and that ended the 10,000 calorie day for us both. (Hopefully we didn't eat 10,000 calories but we ate a lot of food Saturday....I forgot the Family Traditions biscuit that started the day for all of us.)

For whatever reason, Sunday's have been bad days for Kim but today was another perfect day. We didn't kill it and we didn't sit on it. We just got some stuff done that was still lingering from painting the office and I worked a little around the house. Like I said, it was a perfect fall weekend.

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