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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

13 months

Here are the 13 month updates.....
  • She has 9.5 that? One is still breaking through.
  • She is wearing size 4/5 shoes
  • She wears size 4 diapers
  • She is in 18 to 24 month clothes
  • The little squirt will actually say "no, no" when she is doing something that she knows she's not supposed to.
  • Loves all dogs
  • Absolutely LOVES to be outside.
  • She can climb stairs but we have to gate her all the time because she'll climb them without us there. 
  • Loves to play in the dishwasher
  • She is allllmost off of formula. We are giving her three bottles (morning, snack, and bedtime) with whole milk and one scoop of formula until we kill this last can.
  • She loves every book she comes across and particularly likes her Brown Bear, What Do You See? Book. And a big Elmo book in the car.
  • She has been forward facing in the car seat since 12 months and loves it.
  • She seems to be trying to drop a nap during the day and oddity of all oddities....she isn't sleeping in her little car seat anymore for naps at Sherry's. She is finally in a pack and play and sleeps longer in it.
  • She has a little jealous streak when Sherry's other little girl stays the day....she "turns" clingy. 
  • She jabbers so much now. Words include: No-No, Dada, Momma, Papa (on occasion), thank you, ready, go, kind of says outside, Night night, bye bye, starting to say more when she signs for more. 
  • She can point to her nose finally....used to be her ear.
  • She'll pretty much blow kisses on command now, but she still does it from the side of her head or her ear.
  • She is walking very well now and can walk up and down our slight incline on the driveway. She has the morning staggers but after that, she is good to go.
  • She is starting to run just a little bit and can even walk backwards in small bits.
  • Her foods are starting to expand on her terms. She'll eat: Cheerios, Teddy Grahams, Mini Vanilla wafers, of course Yogurt Melts, Goldfish, Ritz and saltine crackers...she is learning to bite but has been known to put the whole cracker in her mouth, she ate a Frito yesterday...we nearly messed ourselves, and then a small piece of a BBQ Chip today.....she also eats good stuff too though. All her veggies come from baby foods, level three foods are no longer a challenge, loves water that is ICE cold, and really doesn't care for foods that are warmed up. No breads yet, no noodles, or real meats. She also loves real pudding too!
  • She goes to bed around 8:15p to 8:30p and generally wakes up around 7:30-ish. \
  • We've started giving her a little doll or puppy to sleep with at night since she never really leaned on a pacifier or anything like that. She seems to like hanging on to the doll and "smelling" something to soothe her to sleep.
  • She needs a hair cut but we're afraid to do it and have it look like we're stalling and losing hair clips all the time now. (Reese takes them out every chance she gets)
Most of all...she's so much fun to play with and just watch. She is growing so much everyday and it really is something to see her learning and changing in front of our eyes. We love you Pooks!

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      doubletrouble said...

      Happy 13 months Reese! She is adorable!