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Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring around the house....

So, its midday on Monday and I'm working on the blog a little bit.....Vacation day? No...a sick day of sorts. The story goes like this. Reese's room has a palladium window that lets in an enormous amount of light. In my clever mind, I felt like I could close that up rather than buy room darkening curtains to hang over the entire window. So, I cut a half moon out of MDF with intentions of wrapping the cut out in batting and covering with some type of fabric....the cut out would compression fit and seal out the light. PERFECT? Well, a degree it is perfect. But I haven't wrapped the board yet and so it sort of "sits" up there. Last night it fell on my head as I was messing with it and it knocked me cold. Like, fall to the ground...slobber on the carpet....Kim wake me up kind of cold. So I've had a whale of a headache all night and this morning and nausea that wouldn't quit. Little aspirin, little rest, I feel much better but symptoms persist so I thought this would be a nice rest day...sleep, nibble, sleep, chill. My head is sooooo sore. It hurts into my neck and shoulders which seems alot like a concussion. Joy!

That being the case, I took some pics yesterday of plants in our yard that are blooming right now. You'd think that we were green thumbs or something but we didn't plant any of this just comes back on its own.

With the recent rains the pollen has had less of an effect on both Kim and I and would seem that little Mama is not even phased by allergies at all....PLEASE let this last. Right now all Reese cares about is going OUTSIDE! She can't really say it but that's all she seems to be interested in. She loves the deck, she loves walking in the yard, she loves walking around the cul de sac....she loves being outside. In fact, she just sat at the door part of the day Saturday looking outside at the rain, just dying for a reason to go play in the rain.

She is so adorable and it just so much fun.

The little fit streak is still sort of hot and cold. The rule of thumb is that if she is tired...we're gonna have fits. Small ones, but fits. Little outbursts of displeasure but certainly not full blown tantrums. More of a protest than anything. We've got to prep for month 13 updates so I won't cover the gamut of things she is doing until that post which will be sometime this week but suffice it to say that she is changing daily.

Well...I think I've covered the high spots. Time to rest again and chill for the afternoon with quality day time TV...belch.

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