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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh our little girl....

So this week we hit a milestone. Our first quality fits.

Don't get me wrong....they're not like thrash around fits and they don't last long at all because you can redirect Reese so easily but she LOVES going outside and until I get a gate built for the deck its just sort of dangerous for her.....she doesn't grasp that concept yet. And apparently she doesn't care about that. She wants to go outside so anything other than outside the other night resulted in a small little stomp and a little bit of a jerky scream. If she wasn't so darn cute when she did it I'd be all like we need to address this but I've decided that the ol' redirect trick works about as good as anything.

The other thing we're noticing is that she's getting a little more liberal with food type items that she'll put in her mouth. So now we've started her on the mustard diet. Forget the bottle man....this is where its at.
I'll make some time for a better weekly update this weekend and share more pics of our wild woman.

Doesn't this pic just scream mischievous?


Anonymous said...

Yeah Ole Boy ! It's payback time ! For some of the Tantrums your mom and me saw ! I'll never forget the time Sissy(Judith)saw you have that FIT OR TANTRUM about your Reese's Chocolate Cups! Who knows, that might have had something to do with the name that Kim and yourself gave our precious granddaughter! So, Rebel Reese! We love you! Papa and Gramma Hall

Anonymous said...

Yes,you look like you are just dying to get into something??!!
Surely not our Reese would pit a fit?!!I've always thought you as an angel from heaven so please don't prove me wrong.Ha Ha...
hope to see you next week end.
Love you, Nana