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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A little Mother's Day update....

So, first things first....Is this not the cutest little girl in the world?

And yes...its been a while since a post because the Hall family has been getting it lately. I normally travel about three days of the week when I head out but this past week was a longer run and man did it bite! So here's what happening......

Kim wanted to get the little lady out of the house for some fun in the sun since it has been spectacular weather this weekend so we decided that a trip to Kennesaw Mountain might be in order. We got ourselves a little picnic lunch and made our way to the Battlefield for a little playtime. Reese had a blast just roaming around the fields but the little squirt can find the exact spot that we don't want her to go to in a four acre field and kept wandering toward this marshy area. We kept her out of it and kept her busy with bubbles and a couple bouncy balls that she is starting to kick around....maybe a soccer player??


The weather was perfect and after wearing her out we strapped her into the stroller while Mommy and I trekked up the mountain on the road. The views were amazing yesterday. You could see Stone Mountain clearly and all of the city. Buckhead, Vinings, parts of was beautiful. We were too gassed to take pics and getting the camera could have meant waking Reese so we opted against it this time. Maybe next go around.

After that, we came home and had dinner with Lance and Celeste....long lost gypsies from south of Atlanta now. I think Lance needed an excuse to not do something around their house for a weekend so they made a visit for a few hours. We ate at Taco Mac and chilled.....then we put Reese down and fell asleep on the bed at 8:30p......we're getting old.

Today we kept it low key with a run up to Calhoun to see my Grandmother and have steaks for lunch with my parents. Everything was great and Reese and I rode around for a bit in my Dad's tricked out golf cart...I'm jealous. Reese loved it so I'm wondering if I can use this as leverage to get one????? Maybe? Anyway, after that we stopped in to see Kim's parents before they set sail for Alaska on Tuesday. Those jokers are going on an Alaskan cruise this week and we're about eat up with the vacation bug so it was tough to wish them farewell. This retiree stuff and all of these teachers in our family that work about three months a year is getting to Kim and I since we have the jobs that never SUMMER break for Yamaha employees. What gives?

Outside of that, I've been working around the house when I can and getting some things accomplished. I'm sort of tired of things piling up so I've been checking them off the list a little stronger now. I like the accomplishment but I just need more time to get things done.....hint hint Yamaha....I need some more days off.

I think we'll get back in a better run of posts now that I don't have to travel for a bit so I hope everyone enjoyed the pics of Reese! She is such fun now. I'm ready for another but I'd really like him or her to come out of the womb around this age....its just so much fun. Make it a great Monday everyone! I know I'll be counting the clock until home time to see my ladies.

Check out the Mother's Day pic from last year and this year....What a difference a year makes!!


Judith said...

Love the Pictures! We missed seeing all of you yesterday....especially Reese! Hope you had a Wonderful Mothers' Day! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

great picture kimmie, love you sandi